growth Strategy

"As a current business owner, I have ideas about how I want to reach new customers and grow my business.  But isn't that simply making a commitment to spend the money on more employees or an advertising and marketing campaign?"

We have found too often the founders of businesses when initially conceiving, designing and running their businesses, skip one of the most important processes in growth and success.  It is critical for owners to go beyond a standard business plan. They must document all successes and failures throughout the businesses life-cycle, create tools for management no matter the size of the business and create a road-map, which one day will transfer to new ownership.  

We also see owners seeking guidance take suggestions from unrelated business owners or family and friends instead of professionals, often due to costs.  And we have found most owners, especially of smaller businesses have either never created a business and growth plan, or they only developed one for their initial startup loan and then it ended up on a dusty shelf.

Our deep understanding of this topic is our first step in helping our clients begin a real path to success and maximized business value.  We have proven that the only way to learn as you own and build your business for an eventual sale is to first surround yourself with professionals and document errors AND successes.   You must document to build and constantly improve a designed "road-map" that you will use within a growth strategy, but also provide it in your businesses toolkit that becomes one of many assets the business owns.


Enterprise Analysis & Review with ownership:   

Our team lead will provide an Opinion of Value and Enterprise Analysis Report relating to your businesses current status and how it relates to your ability to truly succeed with your business model.  

Engagement Agreements:    

Our services are project specific and sometimes department driven.  Often we are engaged to assist in the design of the overall enterprise and implementation of a comprehensive business plan that includes the strategic plan.  Sometimes we find businesses with growing pains and guidance issues that require a rethink of the current go-to-market strategy.  We are able to offer our services in very specific and strategic manner that allow you, the client, to continue as usual and in a manner that will not negatively impact the current working business.


Planned directives and Implementation by our team:     

Our project lead and team members will work diligently to assist ownership/management in all aspects of implementing the road-map, strategic and business plans.

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