We have strong opinions about the subject of valuing businesses.  We can do straight forward Valuations or Opinions of Value, and the approach will always depend upon the need and end-use of the document.  For those owners selling to outside parties (strategic or economic types) as a profitable going concern, they need to fully convey the "real" opportunity and why the business currently has its highest and most probable value at this time.  Allow us an opportunity to debate with you our approach. We utilize straight forward methodologies with our unique understanding and ability to articulate opportunity within several appropriate deliverables.    

We believe the top dollar value any owner ultimately realizes will have more to do with the confidence a prospective buyer receives, and then acts upon post due-diligence.  A buyer must understand the reason for sale and how best to smoothly transition not to impact the businesses current and future success.  The only way we have every helped an owner obtain "top dollar" was to first thoroughly understand the opportunity ourselves as if we were the buyer, and then communicate our findings and the sellers insights within a comprehensive memorandum.      

Yes, a business is typically worth a multiple of EBITDA or SDE, but how many multiples depends on several factors and insights professionals like us must be able to convey.  Experiences we have gained over decades and through many difficult transactions provide us unprecedented knowledge and abilities to properly approach a business and document its value. 

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